Established in NDG in 1984 by Al Macdonald and Bryan Whittaker. Can-Am was focused on serving the local restauration market; The first order of business being personalized service. It did not take long for this to become the company mantra. Now the MacDonald brothers and Mike Bono have teamed up to further help shape this entity. For us at Can-Am, the building of relationships reigns supreme. Developing a trusting atmosphere within our home is tantamount to the products and services we provide. We are able to tantalize tastes and cultivate success. Our mandate is clear, to launch our customers further into success. With our passionate and experienced sales team, we are able to tailor our product availability accordingly. We strive for success in ourselves as in our customers. Thus searching and introducing new high quality products permitting kitchens to develop new ideas.

“We are not marketing experts. We work to understand our customers’ needs. Serving them the way we ourselves wish to be served.”


Acquired by Can-am in January 2019, 4 saisons division increases the company’s ability to provide high quality fruits and vegetables and to deliver with unparalleled service. Since both companies were created as family businesses, they share similar stories and values. Their passion for the food
industry and their vision of the industry allows for a cohesive and smooth union. The passionate and energetic team is working on several major projects to better serve their customers and revolutionize the food distribution industry.


At Can-Am, we take to heart the quality of our service. Cleanliness and efficient organization is an important aspect for us and our customers. Maintaining our warehouse and vehicles is as important as the products they store. Our warehouse refrigerators have individual thermostats, providing us the ability to control the temperature in each refrigerator. As well as allowing us to continually monitor refrigeration levels for produce longevity.


Our trucks are equipped with refrigerated units, guaranteeing product freshness upon delivery.
Products received are verified to meet our standards according to the season and availability. Once accepted, items are stored immediately in respective lots. Shipping and receiving are orchestrated to work in tandem. Each of our products is labelled and scanned at entry and exit to ensure traceability.


Dealing strictly with local producers (when in season), allows us to:

  • Decrease transportation;
  • Promote the local economy;
  • Promote organic produce and healthy eating;
  • Provide better quality produce;
  • Reduce hazardous effects for the earth.


In an effort to promote variety, we search the corners of the globe to find the most enticing products available. Our team in conjunction with our customers tirelessly seeks the finest and newest arrivals on the market. We diligently work with local Québec farmers to provide quality produce. Enticing and tantalizing are the wide range of products we provide our customers.

Can-Am Fruits

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Quebec, H4N 1V8, Canada

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For further information, please contact our sales team.