Foie Gras Bloc Duck Allegro
Foie Gras Goose Bloc Allegro
Duck Carcass
Whole Duck Barbarie
Duck Heart
Whole Duck
Goose Cassoulet
Duck Heart
Goose Confit
Duck Legs Barbarie
Duck Legs Fresh Rougie
Duck Legs Confit
Duck Legs Fresh Hudson Valley
Goose Legs
Duck Legs Small
Duck Foie Gras Block
Duck Foie Gras Block
Foie Gras with Armagnac
Foie Gras Block
Duck Foie Gras Torchon
Foie Gras Extra
Foie Gras Cat B Hudson Valley
Duck Foie Gras Mousse
Duck Foie Gras Mousse InTube 3x300gr
Foie Gras and Truffles Parfait
Foie Gras Perigord Cat B

Foie Gras Rougie Cat A
Foie Gras Cat B Rougie
Foie Gras C
Foie Gras Torchon
Duck Terrine Foie Gras
Foie Gras Trimmings Hudson Valley
Foie Gras Duck Whole Bocal
Foie Gras Duck Whole Bocal
Foie Gras Duck Bloc Bocal
Foie Gras Goose Categorie 1
Foie Gras Goose Block
Foie Gras Goose Categorie 2
FoieGras Goose Block
Duck Foie Gras/Porto-Block
Duck Foie Gras/Porto-Block
Foie Gras Duck Bloc Bocal
Foie Gras Can.Saut.
Foie Gras Can.Ent.
Duck Foie Gras/Porto-Whole
Duck Gizzard Fresh
Duck Grease
Filtered Duck Grease-Pail
Filtered goose Grease
Magret “A” Frais Rougie
Duck Breast Smoked
Magret “A” Fresh Hudson Valley

Magret Goose
Dried Duck Breast
Duck Wings
Duck Wings Village du Canard
Magret Goose Smoked
Mousse De Foie Gras
Whole Goose
Duck Pâté with Orange
Pate Canard/Porc 20% Foie Gras
Pate Can.Porc/BlueTS/Cognac
Pate F.Gras D’Oie
Duck Breast Barbarie
Duck Rilletes 80g
Duck Rillette Fresh
Duck Rillette/Porc Vin Bl.
Goose Rillette
Foie Gras PlainTerrine
Foie Gras Goose Plain Terrine
Goose Terrine with Port
Goose Terrine with Portonad Cranberry
Foie Gras DuckTorchon
Baluchon Foie Gras Duck
Foie Gras Torchon Hudson Valley
Duck Meat Fresh
Sushi Mix


Beef Fat
Ham Black Forest
Rosemary Ham
Sausage Italian Fresh Roma
Sausage Fresh Roma Hot
Sausage Fresh Roma Mild


Frozen Bacon Center Cut
Frozen Bacon
Frozen Bacon Bits
Frozen Bacon Ends
Frozen Bacon
Frozen Bacon Precooked
Frozen Bacon *PRINCE*
Frozen Burger Beef 3oz
Frozen STEAKHOUSE Burger
Frozen Burger Veggie 3.4 oz
Frozen Calabrese Roast
M Frozen Duck Assorted
Frozen Chicken Filet Uncooked-*** 64250***
Frozen Chicken Breast *L8995*
Frozen Chicken Burger*702650*
Frozen Chicken Chunks
Frozen Chicken Fillets 51647
Frozen Chicken Pulled White Meat*9629*
Frozen Chicken Nugget
Frozen Chicken Breast Random
Frozen Chicken Strip*700684*
Frozen Chicken Fiesta Taquito
Frozen Chicken Wings
Frozen Shrimp Smoked *Cfv3*
Frozen Duck Leg Hudson Valley
Frozen Duck Leg Mulard

Frozen Sturgeon Smoked
Frozen Fish Sticks *23789*
Frozen Pork Glace
Frozen Veal Glace
Frozen Hotdogs 6″ *120 un.*
Frozen Hotdog Kosher
Frozen Roller Hotdog
M Frozen Duck Breast Hudson Valley
Frozen Smoked Mackerel
Frozen Mussel Smoked *Mfh1*
Frozen Smoked Salmon
Frozen Salmon A L’Ancienne Sav2
Frozen Smoked Salmon Atlantic Adar
Frozen Salmon Iceland
Frozen Salmon Atkins
Frozen Smoked Salmon*STEELHEAD*
Frozen Salmon A L’Ancienne
Frozen Sausage Pork/Beef 5Kg
Frozen Sausage Pork
Frozen Sausage Round*23108*
Frozen Scallops/Bacon
Frozen Scallops Smoked
Frozen Shrimp 16/20
Frozen Shrimp 26/30
Frozen Snapper Portions
Frozen Sosciutto

Frozen Smoked Salmon Nl2-Kg
Frozen Smoked Trout Cold
Frozen Smoked Trout Hot
Frozen Smoked Trout
Frozen Smoked Trout
Frozen Smoked Trout
Frozen Veal Breaded
Frozen Cuisse De Canard ***#2***
Frozen Duck Heart
Frozen Cuisse De Canard Rougie
Frozen Foie Gras deveined
M Frozen Foie Gras Scallop *50gr*011230
M Frozen Foie Gras A Hudson Valley
M Frozen Foie Gras B Hudson Valley
M Frozen Foie Gras *A*
M Frozen Foie Gras *B*
M Frozen Foie Gras *c*
Frozen Duck Foie Gras Morsels
M Frozen Goose Foie Gras *B*
M Frozen Goose Breast
Frozen Duck Gizzard
M Frozen Goose Whole
M Frozen Duck Breast Rougie
Frozen Foie Gras Scallop ***70gr***
Frozen Duck Meat

Canard du Village

Whole Duck Barbarie
Duck Legs Barbarie
Duck Wings Village du Canard
Duck Breast Barbarie

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