Frozen MF014 Muffin Mix Chocolate Chunk
Frozen MF015 Muffin Mix Double Chocolate
Frozen MF029 Muffin Mix Maple
Frozen MF032 Muffin Mix banane et noix
Frozen MF034 Muffin Mix Cranberry Lemon
Frozen MF039 Muffin Mix Banana Chocolate
Frozen MF041 Muffin Mix Raspberry Yogurt
Frozen MF056 Muffin Mix Caramel Delight
Frozen MF701 Muffin Mix Blueberry
Frozen MF707 Muffin Mix Bran and raisin
Frozen MF713 Muffin Mix Carrot
Frozen MF714 Muffin Mix Chocolate Chunk

Frozen MF715 Muffin Mix Double Chocolate
Frozen MF732 Muffin Mix banane et noix
Frozen MF750 Muffin Mix Muslix
Frozen Nachos 3 Color Weins
Frozen Pastry Puff
Frozen Tortillas 4″
Frozen Cake Banana Pound Cake
Frozen Tortillas 12″ Whole Wheat
Frozen Tortillas Yellow Corn 6″ **2704***
Frozen Tortillas 10″ *2711**
Frozen Tortillas 12″ (8X10)
Frozen Nachos 3 Color *Sonora 00-220098*

Frozen Tortillas 6″ ***2708***
Frozen Tortillas 7″ (12X10)***2709***
Frozen Tortillas 8″ ***2710**
Frozen Tortillas 9″ Gluten Free
Frozen Wraps Spinach And Herbs 12″
Frozen Wrap Sun Dried Tomatoes & Basil 12″
Frozen Tortilla White Corn 6″
Frozen Tortillas 10″ Whole Wheat
Frozen Waffle Liégeoise Mini
Waffle Plain Liégeoise 110g

Mie Âme

Baguette French
Bread White Lingot
Bread Tartine Campagne
Bread Black Olive Lingot
Bread Wheat Lingot
Burger Wheat Sliced
Bread Burger Brioche Mini
Bread Burger Brioche Sliced
Bread Burger Parmesan and Garlice Sliced
Burger Bun Sliced w/ Poppy Seed
Bread Burger Brioche w/ Sesame
Bread Burger Brioche w/ Double Sesame
Submarine Brioché 7″
Bread Onion Poppy Seed Sliced Brioche
Burger Potato Non Sliced
Navette à la Pomme de Terre
Bread Potato Roll
Mini Cluster
Bread Lingot Brioche
Bread Sliced Brioche
Bread Brioche Club Sliced 5/8
Bread Sliced Brioche 1″
Bread Brioche Club Sliced 3/4
Burger Bretzel Sliced
Ciabatta Bretzel 6″
Bread Burger Artisan
Bread Pumpernickle Sliced
Burger Pumpernickle Sliced
Ciabatta Healthy
Bread Country Club 5/8
Bread Multigrain Sliced Club 5/8
Bread Whole Wheat Country Club 5/8
Rye Sliced
Bread White/Brown Mix Country Club 5/8
Bread Burger Artisan Whole Wheat

Bridor (Au Pain Doré)

Frozen Chocolatine Mini Raw
Frozen Croissant Mini Straight Raw
Frozen Pain Burger Brioche
Frozen Bread Moist Semolina
Frozen Bread Baguette 60BGBL

Frozen Pain Country Style Miche
Frozen Bread Rustic Small
Frozen Bread Roll Whole Wheat
Frozen Bread Roll Golden
Frozen Bread Olive Rolls

Frozen Baguette Half French
Frozen Bread Roll French
Frozen Bread Panini Roll
Frozen Bread Panini Français
Frozen Bread Rustic Small

Première Moisson

Frozen Baguette Ciabatta Multigrain
Frozen Ciabatta Bun 6″
Frozen Croissant Mini Butter
Frozen Chocolatine Mini
Frozen Brioche Mini Raisin

Frozen Bread Sourdough Rustic
Frozen Panini Country Style
Frozen Bread Panini Multigrain
Frozen Bread Sourdough and Walnut
Frozen Bread Baguette with Bags

Frozen Bread Country Style Miche Sliced (Large)
Frozen Bread Grain Sliced
Frozen Bread Baguette
Frozen Pavé Country Style
Frozen Bread Miche Raisin, Hazelnut & Honey


Frozen Almond Tartelettes Grand Round
Frozen Bagel Poppy Seed Mini
Frozen Black Sesame Basket
Frozen Cake Shape
Frozen Cône Black Sesame6 g
Frozen Cone White Sweet
Brioche Braided all Butter 400g
Frozen Graham Tartelette Large GRTRL45
Frozen Graham Tartelette X-Large GRTRXL32
Frozen Mini Basil Basket

Frozen Mini Tomato Basket
Frozen Mini Macaroons *MCAS126*
Frozen Macaroons *MCAS72*
Frozen Cône Black Sesame 3 g *MCBS140*
Bretz’burger PA105
Bretz’burger PA205
Sablé Breton, Parmesan Cheese
Tartlettes Savory Mini Round
Frozen Tartelettes Large Round Chocolate
Frozen Tartelettes Small Round Chocolate

Frozen Tartelettes Large Square Chocolate
Frozen Tartelettes Large Round Savory
Frozen Tartelettes Mini Round Savory
Frozen Tartelettes Mini Square Savory
Frozen Tartelettes Large Rectangle Vanilla
Frozen Tartelettes Large Round Vanilla
Frozen Tartelettes Mini Round Vanilla
Frozen Tartelettes Small Round Vanilla
Frozen Tartelettes Square Vanille

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